Cal the Domer

Today marked our first big day on the road. We got up bright and early, finished packing the car, walked the dog, bid farewell to the cat (we’re the advance team, she’ll follow on next weekend) and off we went. Things went very well and we are all very proud of how well Cal did. It’s not easy being in a car for 8 hours, but it’s really not easy to be in a car for 8 hours when you are a beagle and buckled into the back seat.

We’re staying in South Bend, IN tonight. It’s where A and I met so we thought it would be fun to spend the first night of our journey here. We took a walk through the Notre Dame campus so we could all stretch our legs. It really is a beautiful campus and I’m glad we had the opportunity to walk around.

Cal and I light a candle in the Grotto and A and I walked through the Basilica. We introduced Cal to Touchdown Jesus and Cal tried to recreate the pose, though he is a bit shorter.

Tomorrow we are back on the road again, this time for a longer ride. I’ll try to post the same stats each day to give you an idea of how the trip is going. We are listening to the audiobook of John Adams so I will try to use our progress through that as a bit of a guidepost as well.

Miles traveled – 620 miles

Number of States Traveled Through/In – 5 (Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana)

Interesting facts about John Adams – he started dating Abigail when she was 15 and he hoped that July 2 would become a date to remember as Independence Day (so close!)

Tolls Paid – $23.50

Number of Fast Food Meals – 1 (maybe 2 if take out Olive Garden is fast food. . .)

Number of Fast Food Meals that involved a spicy chicken sandwich – 1

Interesting Sites – RV Hall of Fame, Touchdown Jesus, the Golden Dome



  1. Nothing cements your marriage more than spending several days in the car together. If you marriage can weather that, you will be able to weather anything. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I hope the drive is going well and you're getting a chance to take your time and see the sights. (perhaps a detour to the world's largest ball of twine, or the 18-foot Paul Bunyan?)

    Drive safely and good luck in Seattle!

  3. I've done that exact drive so many times… except you keep going! GL, and reminisce about the South Bend Marriot.

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