“I kinda love Montana”

Today was a good day. It started off a little shaky – Cal bolted out the door as A went to check out of the hotel. Cal ran into the parking lot and was making a break for the highway when A caught him. It definitely took a few years off our lives. Thank God that A was able to catch him and bring him back safely.

After that scare we regrouped, loaded the car and headed out. We got breakfast at Subway – and I have to say, if you haven’t tried their new breakfasts, you really should. It was delicious and completely reasonable in price. My only complaint was the lack of milk for coffee – only powered creamer. But the sandwich was delicious. I highly recommend the Western Omelet sandwich.

We traveled across Montana today. I would not hesitate to call it the most horrifying place I’ve been. Beautiful, but horrifying. As some may know, I have a small bladder and need to pee fairly often. On a road trip, I try to monitor my liquid intake to reduce my bathroom stops. On my morning requested stop we pulled up and saw this sign. Not only did I not get out of the car, I really didn’t even want to stop the car. A announced he had to stop and I was pretty hysterical the entire time he was gone. Because I may have a small bladder, but my fear of snakes is much greater.

Despite the snakes, we enjoyed our day in Montana. We had lunch in Bozeman at a BBQ place. It was very good and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Bozeman.

We are spending the night in Missoula, MT. I don’t think I can speak highly enough of Missoula. It is a college town – site of the University of Montana – home of the Grizzlies. We are at a hotel on the river with a beautiful park and an outside bar and restaurant. We had some lovely microbrews with dinner while sitting by the river. We met so many nice people. Being from the East (or New England as the case may be for me) meeting all these people who want to talk to you makes us quite suspicious. Apparently people are just friendly out here and really want to talk to you. Amazing.

I have to say, today is the first day I’ve been homesick and it’s all because of one person – Stephen Strasburg. A and I have become very big Nationals fans (no really, they exist) and have been there through thick and thin with this team in the past few years. Originally it appeared Strasmas would come on last Friday, our last day in DC. It seemed poetic that we may be able to attend this game our last night in the city. It was not to be and tonight was Strasburg’s premiere. I’m proud of how the team, and especially how Strasburg did tonight and just a little sad that I had to follow it on my iPhone ESPN app instead of being there in person.

I feel like there is more to share from today, but I think that is because the scenery was so impressive. I kept telling A that it reminded me of New Zealand and I think that is because of how naturally beautiful the scenery is. I am going to post a bunch of photos that try to do justice to the amazing views.

What do the numbers look like today?

Miles traveled – 488 miles

Number of States Traveled Through/In – 1 ( Montana – no really, Montana is huge)

Interesting facts about John Adams – While serving as Vice President, John Adams cast more deciding votes in the Senate than any other Vice President ever has. He also won the presidency by only 3 votes.

Tolls Paid – 0 – appreciated Montana.

Number of Fast Food Meals – 1

Number of Fast Food Meals that involved a spicy chicken sandwich – 0

Interesting Sites – Rattlesnake signs, Woolen stores (no yarn involved), white water rapids, the Continental Divide.


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