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One of the best things about our temporary arrangement is that we are in downtown Seattle and have a great opportunity to explore.  We are staying in the neighborhood of Belltown. Apparently CNNMoney named it a great place to retire, which surprises me slightly because it seems more nightlifey than retirement, but we’re enjoying ourselves either way.

We have been good about making meals at home and not dining out (probably in response to a week on the road where we had no choice but to take out all our meals) so we have not really explored the culinary options in our neighborhood.  I bought bread and coffee from the French bakery, as mentioned before.  As I tweeted about, I bought cupcakes for our anniversary celebration from Yellow Leaf Cupcake. We had Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bacon and Ultimate Chocolate.  Both were delicious.  Today’s flavors have me contemplating a walk down to try some today: Irish Whisky, Tequila Lime, Beer, Pancakes n’ Bacon, Lemon Meringue, Coconut, Strawberry.  Our first night in town we had some very creative sushi from Umi Sake House and it did not disappoint.  I am very excited to try these places which have our foodie excitement level up: Lola, Dahlia Lounge and El Gaucho (though Andrew has already tried the steak house).  

We are also very close to many Seattle landmarks, including Pike’s Place Market, the Space Needle, the Sculpture Garden and the Experience Music Project.  We’ve walked Cal through part of the Sculpture Garden and Seattle Center, the park surrounding the Space Needle.  Seattle Center has a small amusement park complete with skee ball and rides (Cal is not tall enough to ride unfortunately).  Key Arena is also in Seattle Center and no offense to Seattle, but it is clear why the Supersonics left town.  Key Arena is a dump.  At least from the outside.  Perhaps my first Storm game will change my mind.  Or American Idols Live. . .   We have yet to walk to the Market or explore the Music Project, but we are looking forward to both, especially the flying fish. 

One thing that we both remembered from our previous time in Seattle and endeared us to the city was the festivals held every weekend.  This weekend the Iranian Festival was at the Seattle Center and Fremont Fair was a few neighborhoods over.  We walked Cal through the Iranian fest and while we missed most of the excitement, it sure smelled great.  Fremont Fair celebrates the Solstice with a naked bike ride and art fair.  We were unable to attend this year, but we watched US v. Italy at the Fest four years ago and had a fantastic time.  This week is Pride Week and the Pride Parade will process down our street.  The following weekend is our favorite festival, The Seattle International Beer Festival. We had a really great time at this four years ago and are looking forward to it again this year, especially since we live walking distance away!  Seattle Center will also host a Bastille Day celebration and there are many Fourth of July events planned as well. 

As excited as we are to get into our permanent home, we are definitely enjoying summer in downtown Seattle and the opportunity to enjoy the new ‘hood.



  1. Are you sure you don't mean that the Iranian festival is your favorite Seattle festival??? I hope they had some yummy kabobs and pastries for you guys to sample! I hope you poured some on the ground for your Iranian homey in the other Washington! :-)

  2. A few comments:

    1. Best cupcakes in Seattle:

    2. Dahlia lounge is really good. The entrees are all good, but save room for the desserts. The donuts are excellent and the cream pie is my favorite.

    3. The small amusment area around the Space Needle won't be around for much longer.
    I'm partial to the proposal for a Sir Mix a Lot museum

    4. The Supersonics left Seattle so that the NBA could credibly threaten cities around the country while performing extortion.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Dan! I am proud (or embarrassed) that I've been here a little over a week and already tried two different cupcake places – Yellow Leaf and Trophy. Royale will be next. I don't like the thought of no skee ball, but I sure love the thought of a Sir Mix a Lot museum!

  4. If you're in Belltown, check out Spur Gastropub. Tasty bison burgers (if that's your thing). Great ambiance.

  5. Lisa, thanks for the recommendation, sounds excellent! Can't wait to try it out.

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