Name That Tune


Despite cloudy weather, chilly temperatures and a constant threat of rain, there were fireworks last night in Seattle.  The locals are all pretty proud – apparently the annual Family Fourth was going to be canceled for budgetary reasons and local businesses and people pledged money to underwrite it.  (It helps when local businesses include Microsoft and Boeing.) 

The fireworks were at Gasworks Park, which is public park on the grounds of the Seattle Light and Power former “gasification” plant, so there is lots of old gas machinery left in the park  Everyone sits on this large hill on the shore of Lake Union to watch the fireworks, even Lady Liberty.

The fireworks were impressive, though as a New England girl I am not sure it really is the 4th of July if they don’t play the 1812 Overture.  They closed with Stars and Stripes forever, which is great for those piccolo lovers out there, but I missed the church bells.  To be honest, last night was the first time I’ve really felt homesick.  I think its a day filled with traditions and for me that means hot weather, parades and fireworks set to the 1812 Overture.  To be watching fireworks while wearing a fleece and a rainjacket, next to a small child in her winter hat, it just made me out of sorts.  Of course, scenes like this one below always make me maudlin and teary.

Just as I was getting down about no cannons or church bells the musical act came out at the end of the fireworks for an encore.  We had arrived in time for the fireworks and hadn’t seen them perform at the start of the celebrations.  How many notes do you need to figure out who they are?

Any guesses?  What about now?

Still no?  Well, I imagine you’ll get it on this one. 

As we reminisced last night, 1995 us is really jealous of 2010 4th of July us.  They even had groupies, which kinda weirded us out.

Learning how to do things in a new Washington can be scary and I definitely still miss the Other Washington, some days (like yesterday) more than others.  But I’m here now, with A, Cal and B-Cat, watching Band of Brothers and reflecting on how lucky we all are to be here together.  And with that sort of stuff, it doesn’t matter which Washington you happen to be in at that moment.



  1. Maybe next year you can plan your vacation trip home for the fourth. Then you will be able to have the best of both Washingtons.

  2. Molly K. says:

    I literally giggle at every post you write. Keep up the great work!

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