Our Big Fat Ikea Trip

The past couple weeks have been taken over by this house purchase.  From mortgage companies, to inspections, changing addresses and preparing to move (AGAIN) we’ve had a lot on our plate.  It became obvious this weekend our commitment to the new home was ready for the next level.  That’s right, it was time for a trip to Ikea. 

The giant blue and yellow box can strike fear in many people’s hearts, especially when attempted on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, but I think we manged our trip with as much grace as one can have at a furniture store that features Swedish meatballs. 

We have enough furniture for most of the house, but we really wanted a nice, pulled together, designed look for the main living room, which is the first space you see when you enter the house.

  We sat on many couches in the showroom, pretending to lounge on them to watch football, imagining where a beagle would sit, determining how easily orange kitty fur will show up (and be removed from) the sofa.  It was a long process.  This is the main centerpiece of the room and the one we spent the most time trying to decide on.  In the end we went with this:

 It’s a little smaller than we might have needed, but that is where the genius of the next purchase comes into play. 

 Great to curl up in, plenty of room for orange kitties (if beagles are using too much room on the couch).  The leather of both the chair and the sofa provide an easy cleaning surface, so that fur (and hopefully eventually baby spit up) will wash right off with a wet cloth. 

As you will soon see when the virtual home tour is complete, we have a large space with windows in the front of our living room. A had the vision for a “conversation pit” in that area and so we went searching for appropriate chairs for the area. 

It may not look like much, but these chairs are super comfy. We bought two and a matching footstool for the “conversation pit” and I can’t wait to sit in front of the window and knit or read.  It will provide the perfect spot to watch everyone pass by our house – and I know it will be a favorite bird watching spot for B-cat.

Last but not least with all these sleek, comfy furniture in the living room, we needed some entertainment options.  We had a hard time reaching consensus on the entertainment center – I was looking more for design while A was more concerned with function.  We compromised on this set up and I think it will work out nicely.

I can’t wait for it all to be delivered on Saturday and to set everything up in the house!  Our household goods from DC begin arriving on Thursday so I know we will have plenty to keep us busy and once it is all set, I promise lots of photos and a vlog tour of the place!



  1. So jealous. I want to redo my house in Ikea. I wish there was one closer to us, although… that could be dangerous.

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    • Thanks Marni – yes, a toenail or two can regenerate (although not as quickly as when I was 20). Nature can too, if we don’t push her too hard. Thanks for your support.

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  2. No coffee table to fill with magazines, dirty coffee cups and odd snack wrappers?

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