Autumn Visitors

With all the excitement of the last two weeks, I haven’t had time to post photos from our autumn visitors’ stay in Seattle.  My parents came out from Connecticut and stayed a week with us.  We were so excited to have our first guests in our guest room and to be able to share Seattle with them. 

We managed to squeeze a good amount of things into the visit, including lunch at the Space Needle.  The restaurant at the top of the Space Needle rotates 360 degrees every 47 minutes, so you get a full view of the vista during your meal. 

 This is the South Lake Union area where my office (and Cal’s doggie day care) are located.
 A works in that tall dark building to the left of canter.  Those are the stadiums on the right.
 Mount Rainier, we were lucky it was clear enough to see it that day.

After lunch we went upstairs to the observation deck.  Here is A, observing. 

Next, we took a Duck Tour. Here is our duck.

The duck tour may be silly (see above) but it is a great way to learn about the city.  And after driving all over the city, you get to go out on the water in the duck.  As you can see here, it was a beautiful day on the lake. 

 This is Tom Hanks’ “floating house” in Sleepless in Seattle.  (Ok Tom Hanks’ character, not Tom himself.)  He really did have a sweet view of the Seattle sky line. 
In addition to the Space Needle and Duck Tour, my parents went to Pike’s Market (of course), Queen Anne and Fremont.  We made sure they tried Top Pot donuts, took them to the U District farmers’ market, the Experience Music Project and the SciFi Museum.  
On Monday, their last full day in town, we went to the dog park with Cal.  My mom took this photo below – you can see Cal having a great time playing with Theodore, a shepherd/husky mix he met at the park.  They had a fabulous time running and playing with each other, including some awesome wrestling. (If you click on the photo it will zoom in and you can see the great expression on Cal’s face.)
We know we probably weren’t as much fun as puppy wrestling, but we hope our visitors had a good time exploring Seattle and sharing our home.  we loved having them here – and the guest room is open for reservations if you are headed our way :)


  1. We had a great time in Seattle. It is a beautiful city. I can see why you and Andrew are happy there.
    I can't wait for our next visit.

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