Maui Babymoon: Lodging

As I mentioned in the planning post, we took our time choosing a hotel and then sort of fell into where to stay.  It worked out amazingly well.  We started the process by prioritizing what each of us wanted in a hotel.  I wanted a king size bed with lots of pillows and comfortable surroundings, preferably without lizards.  A prefers more of a B&B or smaller inn to larger resorts.  We wanted access to the beach and if possible, breakfast because if I don’t eat in the morning, I feel ill (and the CCBOJ lets me know she is unhappy.)

We asked for recommendations from friends who had been to Maui before and received a number of ideas, all located in the Wailea area.  All of the suggestions were also larger resorts with all the bells and whistles, which looked great but we weren’t sure if it was exactly what we wanted.  Right as we were ready to book at the Westin, we found the Gastronomic Traveler‘s Hotel Wailea deal and grabbed that.

I cannot recommend this hotel enough.  It is, as the name suggests, in Wailea but instead of being immediately on the beach with all the large resorts, it is on the hill overlooking the water.  (The hill is basically across the street from the Four Seasons, take the hill to the top and there you are.)  The rooms are in “cabanas” with four rooms in each cabana.  I was impressed with the sound proofing between the rooms and almost never heard our neighbors.  We had a mini-kitchen, living room, large bathroom and bedroom, plus a lanai with a partial ocean view.  There was a light breakfast served every morning – bagels, muffins, fruit, coffee and juice.  It was served in the open air lobby overlooking the koi pond.  Seriously, can you start a day in a better way?

Being above the beach, it was a short trip to the water.  You could walk (about 20 minutes, but coming back to the hotel was all uphill), take the sweet Escalade shuttle or drive.  We had access to the same beach space as the Grand Wailea, along with our own cabana boys who set up chairs and umbrellas and provided towels.  We would drive (we had a rental) to the beach each morning and were usually on the beach within 10 minutes of leaving the hotel.

What I loved most about our hotel was the quiet.  On the beach in front of the big resorts or when we dined there, it was always noisy – lots of children yelling at the pools, constantly piped in music (or Muzak), loud coeds.  The afternoons we spent by the pool at our hotel were so quiet that I felt bad speaking at all.  (The silence was broken by the welcome intrusion of Kristina our pool hostess offering us mai tais and fresh pineapple.)  This is what we were looking for – a quiet place to enjoy our last baby-less vacation for a while.  No macarena competitions by the pool or paying a premium for a 31 foot waterslide that pregnant women aren’t allowed to use anyway.  Just a beautiful retreat in the trees where you could hear the birds and eat fresh pineapple at will.



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