Then There Were Four

Watching the games

This year was LC’s first March Madness and I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself (not that there isn’t more madness to come!)  With parents who enjoy college basketball as much as hers do, it is in her blood.  Both of us have pretty strong alliances with teams (A loves Duke and I, of course, bleed Husky blue and white.)  LC doesn’t play favorites – here she is supporting both her parents’ teams.

Unfortunately LC had to learn the sting of defeat this year (which I guess would have happened one way or another because both Duke and UConn couldn’t have won the title, unless it was like last year with a men’s and women’s split, which wouldn’t be bad and is still within reach.)  But either way, LC took the Duke loss pretty hard.

Lucky for her (and me) we have a Final Four (a very unexpected Final Four) to look forward to – here LC is practicing her very best cheers.

Today is a Duke/UConn match up in the women’s game – LC will be conflicted but she plans on splitting her wardrobe and supporting both teams the best she can.  She’s a trooper like that.



  1. Robin A. says:

    That video is precious. She's so cute. :)

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