Dogs Even More Awesome Than Cal

In a lot of ways Cal is the most awesome dog ever.  He cuddles.  He is incredibly trainable for a beagle.  He loves LC.  He has very expressive eyebrows.  He plays well with others.  Overall he’s just a really great dog. 

But then the story about a dog being along with the Navy SEAL patrol that killed Osama Bin Laden came out.  Cal won’t even sleep on the couch by himself if we are all in bed on the other floor.  War dogs are definitely a different breed.  (And I don’t just mean that they aren’t beagles.)  I mean, check it out.

This picture makes me tear up for many reasons.  1) I hope the puppy isn’t scared.  2) He trusts his handler so much that he will jump out of a helicopter with him.  3) I hope the puppy doesn’t get hurt. 

For more great war dog pics, take a look at this photo essay.  And don’t worry, I know Cal will totally agree that these dogs are super awesome.  (Though Cal on the A-Frame at agility class pretending to be Snoopy is definitely a close second in awesomeness.)



  1. findingchutzpah says:

    WOW! That photo rocked my world! I had no clue dogs could jump! Amazing!

    Just started reading your blog. I hope to be a "Washington to Washington" girl myself. I have a lot of family in the state and lived there a few years when I was younger. We are in DC now, but my husband and I are really hoping to move out to Seattle in the coming years! You blog piqued my interest!

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