It’s Great Being a Girl

When we found out that the CCBOJ was a girl, I was more than a little concerned.  It’s not easy being a girl, especially growing up now.  Body image, sexting, mean girls, lack of pay equity (ok maybe it will be a while before LC has to worry about that), but it’s not always sunshine and roses bring a girl.  Don’t even get me started on the princess trend.  My worries were compounded with every piece of pink clothing we received, concerned we were painting LC into a pink fairy and butterfly filled corner.

I’ve talked about princesses with friends who are also raising girls and they’ve given some great suggestions as to counteracting the princess trend and other advice.  They recommended this book, which may still be a little old for LC but I love it already: Not All Princesses Dress in Pink.  But books and creative back stories about the Disney princesses can only go so far.

Tomorrow the US Women’s Soccer team will play in the World Cup final.  While I am no soccer fan, I am caught up in the excitement because of LC.  She may not understand what is going on yet (or be able to focus and determine what exactly is moving across the screen), I love that the team shows how strong, capable women can be successful and wonderful role models.  What I don’t like is the way the team is talked about – no matter how incredible the finishes to their games may have been or how the team works together, questions are still raised about whether the team is “attractive” or what the sexuality of the team members are – not to mention the inevitable discussion of this team being pretty good “for a girls’ team.”  I cringe every time I hear this.  I’m not one of those out there claiming that the women’s team could beat the men’s soccer team.  They are different sports.  I also don’t claim that the Boston Celtics would beat the Washington Nationals at baseball.  Different sports, different levels of competition.  It doesn’t make one team less skilled at their chosen game.

We plan on watching the game at Norm’s again (with Cal) and we will be cheering for a US win.  And while I’m all for the home team winning, I’ll be cheering for the win so that one day I can remind LC of the time she “watched” a team of strong, capable women win a game – and it won’t matter what they wore or whether you got to see their sports bra – it will matter that “even girls” can play sports and wear colors other than pink and be watched and adored by millions.  And that is lesson I hope to impart to LC everyday of her life – whether it is her dream to be a ballerina or a construction worked or a placekicker (please LC, please be a placekicker for your mom) – it doesn’t matter that you are a girl, you can do it.



  1. Whats CCBOJ ????

  2. Washington Woman says:

    CCBOJ is what we called the baby before she was born – our "candy coated bundle of joy". It started with this post:

  3. Heather says:

    I completely understand what you mean. Before we knew we were having a boy, I always said that I would be 100% over the moon whether it was a boy or girl HOWEVER I would be a little more worried about raising a girl, knowing what I know about how hard it was for me growing up with body image issues, relationship issues, and all that. I love the idea of finding stuff like that book and the World Cup to really steer a girl into a different way of thinking.

  4. Kerri Campbell says:

    I also have a little girl (2 yrs) and totally understand the stress and anticipation of raising a girl in our current social context. Thank you for talking so openly and honestly about this! I always scold myself for preemptively underestimating her strength and ability to make good decisions. Thanks to your article, now I know its normal to feel these things.

    Great blog, keep on keeping on!

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