This Many Paws Old

Today was Cal’s third birthday.  I think it is pretty clear how crazy we are about Cal (and B-Cat) so we wanted to ensure he had a proper beagle birthday.

We started the day at Norm’s Ale House for breakfast.  Norm’s allows dogs inside the restaurant, which was really exciting.  I think everyone had a good time – Cal enjoyed the “doggie bowl” which included a medium rare hamburger,  A watched the women’s World Cup (as did LC who seems very interested in soccer) and I had a delightful mimosa.  Cal was also able to meet some of the other dogs hanging out at Norm’s.

Here’s Cal enjoying his doggie bowl. 

After breakfast, we went on a hike around Discovery Park with some friends.  Cal had a great time leading us down the trail all the way to the beach.  

It was a great weekend and one that I think celebrated Cal’s third birthday in true style.  
More Project365 photos from the week. 

06: My iPad arrived.  It is pretty glorious.

07: B-cat in the crib with Jacques the Peacock

08: LC likes to be hands free while sleeping these days. 

09: Sitting in a high chair like a big girl! (With Froggie of course)

10:  If Cal ever opens a bar, I imagine he will call it something like this. 


  1. Heather says:

    A big happy birthday to Cal! I love Norm's – there is nothing better than hanging out in a bar with your dog. :)

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