Retreat from Reality

We headed north to Anacortes this weekend for a short retreat. Our big vacations came in our return East at the start of the summer and will come again with a trip back to Maui this fall, but I really needed time to get away from the normal demands of the weekend. I love spending the weekends with our family, but it usually involves a great deal of errands and vacuuming and the like. A weekend where I would not have to vacuum anything sounded pretty great.

We arrived in Anacortes on Friday evening and stayed at a hotel by the ferry terminal. It had a beautiful view and Cal enjoyed barking at the deer outside our room.

Saturday we took our time and then explored the town of Anacortes. We went to the Cap Sante overlook point – Cal showed us all how to scamper up the rocks. We had lunch in town and then headed to Washington Park to hang out on the beach.

Sunday we headed south and hiked around Deception Point park. The sun never quite made it out, but we had a great time exploring the shore and watching the fishermen bring in large salmon right on the beach.

The weekend was over too soon, but it was as advertised – completely free of vacuuming.

More Project365. 

 38: Nothing says professional like spit up on your shoes. 
39: Even dogs like the South Lake Union taco truck. 

40:  Not bad, but not a chocolate chip cookie either. 

41: Sippy cup! High chair! 

42:  Baby or puppy, who can tell?

43:  Another crazy Friday night in our house.  (BL Lime = Awesome)

44: Our trap worked, we caught a baby. 

45: Only the best for our family. 

46:  You’d think drinking water would be easier. 


  1. EmployeeMegan says:

    "our trap worked, we caught a baby" has been cracking me up for days now.

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