A Letter to My Bear

Some mom’s use their blogs as a baby book of sorts, keeping track of milestones or writing letters to their children (sometimes still unborn).  I have never really been that type – I think my Yankee upbringing has made me less sentimental than some.  I have been called “cold”, which is really an exaggeration but this is all to say I have not written letters to LC on the blog or otherwise.  But as I put my little 7 month and 1 day old little girl to bed tonight, I felt compelled to write something to her to remember this time.

Dear LC, 

You are growing so fast and I worry that there is so much that I have already forgotten about our time together.  You are a sweet and wonderful little girl that your father and I are so lucky to have.  I may have missed a few milestones but I didn’t want to let this one go by without marking it.  Tomorrow, my sweet LC bear, is the start of your first NFL season. 

LC, you came to us on Super Bowl Sunday and someone commented that while unexpected and early, your birth date was perfect for football fanatics like your father and me.  (While I agree, I still think you could have come just an hour or two earlier so that your father and I could have watched the game.  Arriving in the second quarter was sort of poor timing.)  While I always enjoyed football, it was dating your father that turned me on to the game.  He introduced me to fantasy football (and I to him the “silly name” draft method,  which thanks to LaDanian worked very well for me) and sports talk radio.  We may not have always been in the same state (or country) but we always watched football together on Sundays (and Mondays.  And sometimes Thursdays).  Having you join us for this tradition is one your father and I dreamed about long before you joined our family. 

Through the years, I’ve developed a love for your father’s Washington Redskins and I expect you will do the same.  Not because you can’t cheer for your mother’s Patriots or your hometown Seahawks, but because your father’s love for the team is infectious.  That and they make such ridiculous management decisions that it is impossible not to follow the team and scream “WTF Dan Snyder??” on a regular basis.  You will learn all the words to “Hail to the Redskins”, which we already sing to you, and you will develop your own opinion about the gold pants. 

Sundays in the fall mean lazy days on the couch with the pets – and now you!  Just as Cal honors the day with Bandana Sundays, we know you will love wearing matching onesies each weekend.  I’m sorry if our trips to the park will tend to happen only on Saturdays from now on, but I hope you come to enjoy the extra cuddles and quiet time with us.  We promise to still play and read to you – but we also know that pesky no television for infants rule does not apply to anything involving Joe Theisman or Tom Brady. I also promise to try to scream less profanities at the screen this season.  Unless Graham Gano continues to miss field goals.  Then all bets are off. 

LC, we love you and you have added so much to our lives.  Being able to finally share football with you this week and throughout the season is going to help us all grow together as a family.  We cannot wait to share our love of the game with you and for you to hear the Sunday Night Football song.  I know as you grow, you will develop your own loves and interests, but I hope that football with your family – on the couch with a slightly dirty carpet because I haven’t vacuumed yet – is something that you will always enjoy. 

So play ball and all the whole nine yards – 

Love, Momma



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