Constitutional Obligations

Are there such things as obligations under the Constitution?  I mean for people?  As a lawyer I should probably know this.  I’m sure it is somehow related to the Commerce Clause, so let’s just leave it at that.

Anyway, if there were constitutional obligations, I am sure that bringing your child to a pumpkin patch in the month of October would be one.  As I mentioned in the earlier post, I don’t know when it became a requirement of parenthood, but there it is.  If your Facebook page includes a child with no pumpkins in the month of October, you should probably expect DHS to knock on your door.

Therefore, in an effort to keep the authorities at bay until Santa photo time rolls around, behold.  LC with pumpkins.


Yes, she is even wearing a pumpkin hat. 

The pumpkin patch we went to was not so much a “pumpkin patch” as it was someone’s home who raises horses and has some land and thought, hmm with this new constitutional obligation for parents to bring their children to pumpkins in October, I could bring in some pumpkins and really make some cash.  It wasn’t bad so much as it was just someone’s large backyard with about 50 pumpkins, Coke and hot dogs for sale, some barn cats and horses.  (I don’t know, maybe I was expecting too much out of LC’s first trip to the pumpkin patch.  I will have to compare after next year. )DSC03451

There was a “petting zoo” which was really some kittens and a bunny.  I learned an important parenting lesson as one mother led her daughter to the kittens and said,  “Remember, we don’t throw kittens.”  I never would have thought that was something I would have to tell LC, but now  I am prepared for that to happen. 

I leave you now with a picture of one kitten, very happy to not be being squeezed by toddlers at this moment, and LC who is bemused? confused? underwhelmed by the patch?  simply over it? Whatever she was, it is adorable.



  1. Your Law School must not have taught the "LINUS" amendment, due to the religous overtones of it. This is the one that made visiting a pumpkin patch a "right of childhood"

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