Perhaps I am still 14

I enjoy reading, but somewhere along the way I decided that reading so that I don’t have to think very hard is a much more enjoyable way of doing things.  Young adult fiction seems just the thing for this type of reading.  You may be familiar with my Twilight phase.  But perhaps not my more recent Hunger Games phase.  Oh yes, I know all about the Fire Starter and the Arena and the odds ever being in your favor.  Which is why I may have been caught watching this at work today.

I may not be 14 anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t read (and watch movies) like I still am.



  1. I am an absolute twilight hater. I won't even put it on my book shelf at school. The Hunger Games Trilogy was incredible though. A lot of my students are working through it now. I cannot wait to see the movie.

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