Ready for some football

Today we proved that LC is definitely mine and A’s child and that she is indeed a Seattle child.

We took LC to her first NFL game today – Redskins v. Seahawks.  It rained almost the entire time but LC did not cry or complain once.  In fact, she smiled and even napped.  See here, the picture of a content Skins fan. (Doesn’t the baby ear protection just slay you?  And can you see her teeth??) I don’t know if it is her genetic love of football or her tough Seattle skin that kept her so happy in spite of the weather.

Against almost all odds, the Redskins pulled out the victory.  No really. Rex Grossman even threw a FIFTY YARD touchdown.  So we were not only trespassers in the enemy’s camp, but then our team had to go and win.  No one minded because LC was so happy and adorable.  She is quite the flirt.  But honestly, everyone was so nice.  I kept telling A that I didn’t know people could be so nice at a football game.  So thank you to the season ticket holders of Seattle for being awesome.

 LC and A during a particularly tense moment in the game.  

A photo of what we hope was Graham Gano’s last kick as a Redskin.  He had two blocked kicks today.  TWO BLOCKED KICKS.  (Apparently it won’t be that difficult to have LC fufill my dream of her being an NFL place kicker because Graham Gano certainly proves it takes little to no talent. )


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