O What a Year

I saw a Twitter trend today of #2011in3words.  For me it would have to be “Became a Mom.”  Part of me is hesitant to label the year that way because as much as LC means to me and our family, I hate to be defined only as her mother.  Even though I’m not just a mom, there is no way around this year really being my year of motherhood.  It is harder than I ever imagined, but all that cheesy stuff Google wants you to believe?  Yeah, it’s all true.

Let’s take a look at the year that was.


Our travel plans fell through and our last “no baby” new year was low key.

By the end of the month, we discovered we’d be parents a little sooner than expected, as I embarked on my bed rest adventure


Well, this is really where things got serious, huh?

We became a family and were all together for the first time in 3 weeks.


Being a mom is hard.  Donuts help.

LC begins her blogging career.


I joined the ranks of the working mothers out there.  As the article says, I’m tired.  A lot.

LC and I honored my grandmother and watched a young woman become a Princess.


We walked in our first March of Dimes March for Babies to celebrate our healthy preemie.

At this point I decided I was an expert on babies and made a must have list for all you newbies out there. 


I considered whether growing up in one Washington versus another would make LC a different person – or me a different parent.

I may whine about being a mom a little (or more than a little) but I took some time out to thank the man who makes it happen.


I realized this raising a girl thing may require me to be made of stronger stuff.

At this point, after blogging about LC for 5 months, I became concerned she may become overexposed.


It is still true.  LC’s mom does not want your advice.


FOOTBALL!!  LC’s first football game brought a tear to my eye.

Getting sick made me realize just how far away friends and family are and wondering about the merits of a Two Washington system.


We took a baby to the beach.  Life was pretty good.

Honoring our constitutional duty as parents, we took a picture of LC next to pumpkins.


I pondered about one of the great sites in Seattle (and wondered why no one told me the weather in Seattle was not always like the amazing streak of luck they had Summer 2006).

We did Thanksgiving our way, and it was fantastic.

(Oh, and I blogged every day for a MONTH.  For reals.)


We enjoyed the wonderment of LC’s first Christmas and then had a very special Christmas weekend.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible year.  I didn’t start Two Washingtons to be a “mommy blog” (not that there is anything wrong with that. . . ) but having a kid, well it becomes pretty much the center of everything.  I hope you enjoyed getting to know LC and watching us on this journey of figuring out this parenting thing.  (Or trying to figure it out.  Ok, we kept her alive for 11 months and I’m calling that a success. )

18 months ago when we moved to Seattle, I couldn’t imagine how things would work out and I’m pretty thrilled with how things are going.  So I hope you stick around in 2012 as we continue to live our life in this Washington.

Happy New Year from Two Washingtons!


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