Getting Back to the Grind

After snow days, three day weekends and a business trip to the East Coast, we jumped back into the routine today.  I didn’t have that high an expectation for how today would go.  Almost two weeks of telecommuting and traveling, we were all tired and knew what large inboxes would await us. (LC wasn’t too worried about her inbox, she had good people covering the Infant One office while she was gone.)  All of this was true, we were tired, our inboxes were out of control. But it was one of those days where the fun just kept coming.  Work things kept popping up.  Then a phone call from the day care letting us know about a “suspicious rash”.**  Any parent with a child in day care knows what follows from those sort of calls.  A quick conference between parents to determine who can blow off their schedule when and then where can we exchange the baby and her items.  I ran to a meeting on campus while A picked up and watched LC in the coffee show in his building.  Then I came back and picked up LC, who “helped” me write memos in my office while A went a meeting at his office. Needless to say, I was glad that I had lower expectations of how today went, since they were so quickly meant.

** If you are a grandmother of LC’s please do not call us in a panic.  Doctor’s have been consulted and no one is concerned.



  1. I love the grandmother disclaimer at the end I this post. I really need to add one to my posts to prevent grandparent meltdowns.

    Hope LC feels better soon.

  2. Ha, yes we have a general rule – if I tweet about it, it is not an emergency.

  3. I’m quite pleased with the inaormftion in this one. TY!

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