Prepping for the Big Game

So it’s the weekend of the big game and for so many reasons I am very excited for this game.  Two years ago we were snowed in for the Big Game and only had the remnants of the frozen appetizer section from our neighborhood grocery store with which to celebrate. Last year, well of course, last year we had a baby and didn’t watch much of the game.  But this year, this year is different.  The weather looks good, I have the week to gather and organize food and no, I do not plan on giving birth on Sunday.  Oh, and the Pats are playing.  Gronk-tastic.  Because it is an extra special Big Game and I am a tad type A, I am freaking out a bit about making the perfect Super Bowl Sunday. 
At first I was insistent that we have an all New England themed party.  (And when I say party, I mean me, A, LC, B-Cat and Cal.  Because if New England is in the Big Game, I can’t be distracted by petty distractions like guests.)  I was going to do lobster, but apparently you can’t get live lobster here in the Emerald City.  I had discovered a place in Maine that would overnight me live lobsters for the small fee of $200.  It wasn’t the cost that made me decide against it – simply the fact that eating lobster and cheering for my team at the same time just didn’t seem like a doable thing.  So I’ve compromised.  We will have the very Big Game compatible chili and drink Sam Adams beer.
Next is my clothing choice.  During the regular season I wore my #12 Brady jersey but for Christmas I received a new and exciting Patriots long sleeve tee shirt.  I’ve worn this new shirt throughout the play offs with clear success.  So I’m going to start the game in my long sleeve tee shirt.  If things seem iffy by the half, I’ll consider putting my jersey on top.  I’ll be wearing the new Patriots earrings that I also received for Christmas, but since I haven’t worn those yet, they will be the first to go if things get ugly early.  Last but not least, I’ve been sleeping in my Patriots tee shirt all week. 

Am I forgetting anything?  I was considering cupcakes, but with LC’s birthday being the next day, I thought I should save something for that celebration.  How are you celebrating the Big Day?  Any suggestions to help spice up our celebration?  New York themed suggestions need not apply.



  1. We are having a crowd. The kids will have the game on in the playroom with kid appetizers…mini hotdogs, chips and chicken tenders etc. Upstairs we are just doing pot luck, so not sure what it will be. We are grilling a ham and a coworker loaned me a stadium shaped cake pan, so I am replicating the stadium. . .wish me luck. :)

  2. Hmm,I definitely own this pan – perhaps I should try to get creative as well.

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