Pets Have Idols Too

As I mentioned on Facebook earlier today (wait, you didn’t know we were on Facebook?  You should follow us over there.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.) Anyway, as I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter (what?  Oh yes, we’re on Twitter too.  Lots of adorable photos of LC there too.)  Ok, so we were talking about in a variety of places today that Idol’s theme tonight was The Year You Were Born, a household favorite around here.  Last year we discussed the amazing Idol duet A and I wanted to do from the Year We Were Born.  Even though they are all too young to take part in the American Idol competition, I thought it would be fun to explore what Cal, B-Cat and LC might choose to sing as a song from the year of their birth.

B-Cat – though a lady never reveals her age, I think B-Cat is proud of how good she looks for having been born in 2001.  B-Cat is a complicated individual so it is hard to find one song that best represents who she would be as an artist.  Looking at the choices of top singles of 2001, she might go with Fallin’ by Alicia Keys (B-Cat is fascinated by gravity), Ride Wit Me by Nelly (she is from St. Louis) or Lady Marmalade (she is very into girl power).  Ultimately though, I think she would choose Walk On By by U2.  B-Cat’s cool like that, just walk on by everyone, nothing to see here but enormous vocal talent.

Cal – born in 2008,  Cal is a fun loving dog who knows when it is time to take things seriously.  Pocket Full of Sunshine from Natasha Bedingfield may show off his personality, but I don’t know if it would be a good example of his musical point of view. I think Cal would need something to show off his full range.  Maybe Rihanna’s Take a Bow?  Ultimately I think Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on my Guitar would be a great way for Cal to show his vocal talents and really perform the song so that it represent HIM and no one else.

LC – LC is a happy, easy going baby.  She loves to play with her friends and I think her spirit may be encapsulated in the song Fireworks by Katy Perry.  She always loved a good dance song when she was an inside baby (we’d rock out on our commute home) so she could play to the judges with J.Lo’s On the Floor.  Ultimately, I think she’d choose Born This Way from Lady Gaga because she likes the message and the song.  A lover of humanity that LC. 


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