Pre-printed Greeting Cards–no way!

I never understood buying those packs of pre-printed greeting cards.  Cards that had balloons on the front and said “Happy Birthday” or ones with a sad kitty that read “Get Well Soon!” It just always seemed impersonal – who doesn’t have the time to go buy a card for someone?  A personal card that recognizes the personality of the recipient, perhaps remembers a shared moment or just simply reflects a sentiment reserved only for that person. 

Today I understood why people buy those packs of cards.  We had been invited to a birthday party.  I had a gift all set and ready to go.  Even a gift bag.  But as we prepared to leave for the party I realized I had no card.  I searched the house – I found two types of thank you notes, a pack of Easter cards, several prayer cards, left over birth announcements, two years worth of photo Christmas cards, generic Christmas cards, personalized beagle note cards and cards with my monogram on it.  None of this screamed “Happy 3rd birthday Hannah!”  It was at this moment, while shuffling through a pile of Easter greetings, wondering if any of them could be repurposed, that I realized these generic multi-occasion card packs were made for people like me.  Moms who can almost always remember the big stuff – the gift, the gift bag, done.  But the small things like an appropriate birthday card for a 3 year old.  Not so much. 

For those wondering, Hannah enjoyed a very nice monogrammed note card with a personal note from our fam.  I think the number of cupcakes available to party goers distracted from any awkwardness surrounding the card. 



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