Sunday Nights

I think it is well accepted that Sunday nights are no fun – the weekend is winding down, many chores are left for the last minute and many things need to be done before the start of work week. 

My favorite time of the weekend is Friday night, after I’ve picked up LC and A and we are all in the car headed home for the weekend.  At this moment, we have the most weekend we will have until the next Friday.  We can choose to take out, eat out, have leftovers, whatever we’d like to eat.  We can watch a movie, clear the DVR, or (more likely than not) go to bed early and know that we just may get 11 hours of sleep. 

I love waking up on Saturday morning, bringing LC into bed with us to cuddle and nurse.  She loves to climb all over A and me, play with the remote control or try to grab B-Cat.  Long, lazy mornings lead into music class and babies who like to play percussion instruments. 


Saturdays leads into Sundays and I love the moment we pull back into the driveway after church.  Most of the “must dos” and out of the house errands have been completed and we can do whatever we want to do.  Some days that’s a long nap, some days its house cleaning.  Today it was the dog park and Williams Sonoma.  (Woo hoo new frying pans.)

And all of that brings us back to Sunday night.  We stay up too late to try to get to all the chores and to do lists that were ignored the rest of the weekend.  We’ve had a successful evening so far – I organized my closet, A took care of some wireless network housecleaning.  I’m sad to see the weekend end and already miss LC cuddles, but I know we have next weekend to look forward to, one that is already filling up fast with to dos, cuddles and hopefully 11 hours of sleep.



  1. The best part is even though it goes to fast we get to do it all again the next weekend!

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