It’s Cherry Blossom Time in Washington!

No, not the Other Washington – here in the Emerald City!  There are 31 Yoshino Cherry Blossom trees in the University of Washington quad and they bloom (creating our own little Cherry Blossom Festival) every March.  We missed the blooms last spring, focusing on things a little closer to home, but made sure to make the trip this year.


LC enjoyed wandering around the Quad, but was really much more interested in all the dogs out enjoying the day.  You can see her pointing at the dog who was standing behind A while he took this photo.













Please note the baby Uggs above.  You want to eat her up, right? 



Cal wasn’t too sure about the cherry blossoms but generally excited to be out and about, exploring new places.  (It may not appear that he was excited in the photo above, but just take our word for it.  He rode an elevator.  Twice.  He loved that.)

I hesitate to say it and risk jinxing it, but the weather this spring has not been bad.  It may not be 70 degrees every day, but if we get a few more weekends like this, I certainly won’t say.



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