Even Restful Weekends Can Be Busy

As you may have guessed, we’ve been pretty busy around here.  The usual stuff – work, toddlers, beagles – everything just has seemed to need extra attention lately which has caused a bit of a traffic jam in our schedules.  Which is why having a weekend in our schedule that had almost no plans was pretty special. 

Our almost plan free weekend allowed us to do things we hadn’t had the time to do recently.  I went grocery shopping.  Not just a ten minutes, grab the five things we need for the next three days, but real Grocery. Shopping.  This meant I was able to cook.  I made egg salad for lunches.  I had found that on the weekends I tended to only eat carbs because we didn’t have that much protein in the house for lunches (we’re not home all week for lunch).  With my newly stocked refrigerator with eggs, mayonnaise and pickles, the perfect egg salad was born.  I made dinner last night – chicken with mango chutney, jasmine rice and zucchini.  THEN, I baked a cake.  It was just an angel food cake with pineapple, but it is delicious – and with my newly restocked whipped cream supply, it is quite the treat.  For breakfast this morning I made cinnamon rolls with cheesy eggs.  (Not like Pioneer Women cinnamon rolls, but they still required baking.) To end the weekend off right, I made a recipe from Pinterest for dinner, very yummy Mexican stuff peppers that everyone liked. 

Our unplanned weekend was thrown a little off kilter by the appearance of someone’s molars breaking through (which meant less naptime than we would have liked) but between the number of loads of laundry done, the meals prepared and the fantastic extra time we spent playing with LC, it was still pretty awesome.


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