All Good Things

My dog is named after one Jim Calhoun.  Coach Calhoun has been coach of my beloved UConn Husky basketball team for 26 years.  I’ve been alive for almost 33 years, which means that Coach Calhoun has coached my Huskies for the entirety of the time I’ve been aware of college basketball.  Today, it was announced that Calhoun would retire.

I cried a few Husky tears when I heard the news.  Sad that my beloved coach would not be returning.  Sad for where is leaves my team.  Sad that BE2 will never live in a world where Jim Calhoun is coach of her soon to be favorite basketball team.  Not to mention slight concern that my dog’s name is no longer relevant.

As a lifelong UConn Husky fan, no matter where the team may be today, I’m thankful for Jim’s time with the team. I’m exuberant at the three national championships we’ve accumulated and looking forward to the Kevin Ollie era.  This next season will give us time to pause, rebuild as some would say, and prepare for new things to come, while still celebrating all that makes my dog’s name great.


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