Checking it twice

It has been suggested that one way to focus on the task at hand and not become distracted by other thoughts is to make a list.  I’ve been trying to use this technique when all of the to dos for home begin to overwhelm me when I need to be focusing on work.  However, the other day when feeling overwhelmed about everything that needs to be accomplished before BE2 arrived and I made a list, it did not make me feel better.  In fact, it had the opposite effect of making me realize what a ridiculous list of things there is to do and how none of it will ever be accomplished in time.  I really should have just started my maternity leave at that moment if I wanted to have any hope of finishing.

Having a baby near the holidays is just poor planning on my part.  With a due date that could easily flow into an actual Christmas baby, my list includes:

– Plan Thanksgiving dinner to be cooked while 36 weeks pregnant. Find time to shop/order/store groceries for holiday.

– Do all Christmas shopping by Dec 1. (Be sure to remember babysitters, day care providers, neighbors who you may call on at 3am when your water breaks, dog walkers who may need to take dog to kennel after water breaks and co-workers who will be asked to do more than their share while you are on maternity leave.)

– Ship all Christmas presents to east coast by Dec 7.

– Plan Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas brunch, and Christmas dinner for family Christmas to be hosted at our home, either 41 weeks pregnant or with an approximately 5 day old baby. Find time to shop/order/store groceries for such events.

– Get and decorate Christmas tree.

– Ensure LC does not miss out on any part of the Christmas holiday.  Early Santa visit, holiday carousel and fake snow at Pacific Place.

– Order personalized stocking for BE2 so that holiday photos do not look funny with baby’s first Christmas missing her own stocking to match the rest of the family’s.

– Find baby’s first Christmas ornament (of which most designs are horrendous, so good luck finding one you can stomach) so that it can hang on the tree in time for baby’s first Christmas.   (as follow up, hope BE2 is not born at 41 weeks on Dec 26, thereby causing the need to purchase ANOTHER baby’s first Christmas ornament for the following year.)

I’ll stop there because I am dangerously close to not being able to sleep tonight just thinking about this list (and this is just the stuff in the “holidays” category.  We didn’t even touch on the “home” category.)

Nesting is a natural instinct as you reach the end of the pregnancy – I had just hoped it would be one of comfort and not one that keeps me up at night wondering why A thinks Thanksgiving dinner is not a “work intensive” holiday and why is there no Boston Market out here from which I could order Thanksgiving in a box.




  1. Call your local restaurants. Our Cracker Barrel does meals. I’m sure that there is one around you that will deliver both Thanksgiving and Christmas. You will be too tired or sore to do either of these tasks! Or if it is just the three of you…go out for Thanksgiving!

    • Washington Woman says:

      I completely agree with the idea of ordering – it is A that needs convincing. He thinks Thanksgiving is “not labor intensive” so there is no need for even a 36 week pregnant woman to not cook it. He also watches football all day, so I think it is all a matter of perspective as to how “labor intensive” the meal is.

  2. Amy is one smart lady,take her advice.

  3. Grandma Dede says:

    I would advise you to get a box of gift cards and a box of note cards. For each person you are giving to write a note about how much they mean to you and your family. I remember notes that I have been given that said something special from the writer and they meant a lot to me.
    Just remember what is important is you and your family. People used to tell me that when I was working and stressed, I wish I had listened a bit more. I am available for trips to see Santa, just call and I will come.

    • Washington Woman says:

      I don’t have time to shower, I’m not sure when I would find to write heartfelt notes unfortunately.

  4. Ok, here’s my two cents. Whenever Belinga comes up with a “brilliant” idea or thought such as “Thanksgiving isn’t labor intensive,” I say “Great! Then take the reins and get that handled.” It usually keeps him quiet after that because he is never willing to actually plan or do something other than what I’ve already planned. So my suggestion is to tell Andrew to cook Thanksgiving dinner if it’s not that hard. Also, when I had Sean last year, I made the declaration to everyone in our families that I would not be cooking or traveling anywhere for the holidays and that if anyone wanted to come see us, they were more than welcome to, but a) they needed to bring food and b) they couldn’t expect a clean house. It level-set everyone’s expectations, people brought us food and came to visit and we didn’t have to stress out about taking care of a newborn kid and doing all those things. I suggest for your sanity you should make such a declaration and let others take care of you, especially when you need it the most!


  1. […] As I’ve mentioned (probably more than a few times), I feel very overwhelmed by my “before BE2″ to do list.  Each weekend I feel the need to be able to check things off the list, but at the same time I want to enjoy the time we have left with LC as an “only”.  LC’s weekends are pretty booked – soccer, gymnastics, catching up on naps, play dates and the occasional birthday party.  We start each weekend morning up and running, trying to sleep as late as we can and still get up and get out for class in time.  (LC almost always sleeps later than A and I on the weekends, we usually have to wake her up to get ready for class.)  The end result is that things don’t always get crossed off the list and everyone is really tired on Sunday night. […]

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