Second Time’s a Charm

Today was our Lamaze refresher course in preparation for BE2.  I took two notes in class.  One, 5-1-1, which suggests that for second time mothers, you should go to the hospital when your contractions are five minutes apart, one minute in duration for one hour.  The other note read “cafeteria closes at 7pm.”  Different things are important with your second child.

In some ways, not having the time or ability to obsess over this pregnancy as I did with LC is a relief.  All of a sudden, here we are, on the eve of 32 weeks.  It is relaxing to not over research car seats and swaddle blankets.  There are plenty of other things to obsess about – but most of them focus on LC and how this new baby will change and affect her life.  There are so many ways in which I prepared for LC that I have not done for BE2.  We don’t need any equipment, we have it all from LC.  With a second girl on the way, I’ve purchased two clothing items for the new baby, both second hand – a pair of Christmas pjs and a sleep sack.  LC had a full closet of clothing well before this point in that pregnancy.

The lack of preparation does not mean a lack of excitement, but it is as my Lamaze class notes suggest, just a different focus.   I don’t know what size fruit she is this week and I have no idea what she will wear home from the hospital .In some ways it is freeing, but as the day gets closer and closer, I am beginning to feel the weight of all that time I didn’t spend thinking about the new baby.   I think it is just the beginning of a new balance of thought that we’ll need to adapt to.  After spending over two years of thinking about LC and what she needs, we’ll need to think about what LC and BE2, not always putting LC first.  Hopefully, just as we learned to put LC’s needs first once she was on the scene, it will naturally come to us to balance the needs of both girls – so less focus on the minor things like the “perfect” coming home outfit and more focus on the important matters, like making sure our hospital food orders get into the cafeteria in time.



  1. Aunt Joan says:

    So true.And believe me and your cousins in law,it all works out and works out well

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