A Toddler Walked Into Ikea. . .


 We took LC to Ikea yesterday.  It was not her first trip, but the last one was July, 2011 so there is quite an age and ability difference since our last visit.  We are continuing to re-purpose some of our rooms in anticipation of a two child household and wanted to look at the day beds, as well as some toddler items.

As we arrived LC was asleep in the car so I did a solo recon visit first.  This helped a great deal when we brought LC into the store we were able to be more targeted in our shopping and less wandering trying to figure out where we needed to be (always an Ikea hazard).

Once LC and A joined me, we put LC in the BOB to walk around.  First of all, the walk from the parking lot to Ikea is about half a mile and I couldn’t have her wimping out on us before we even got there.  Add that to the mass of humanity (if you can call your fellow Ikea shoppers “humanity”) we were about to enter, and it just seemed best to use the stroller.  As we made our way to day beds, LC had a dazed look on her face.  She stared at all the people passing by, no one having any situational awareness as to where they were walking or to others around them.  She seemed to think, where have you brought me?? Do you not love me?

Shortly after that, she began to sense possibility in Ikea.  Beds, furniture, things on low shelves.  She requested that she be allowed out and then the real fun began.  Like everyone else on their first trip to Ikea, LC soon realized MUST. BUY. ALL. THINGS.  Three different toddler tables?  YES PLEASE.  Small stuffed animals?  I’LL TAKE FIVE.  The prices, all so reasonable!  She ran ahead of us from display to display, happily touching everything.  It was no surprise that she threw a temper tantrum when I placed her back in the BOB as we proceeded to the warehouse to pick up our goods.  After all, is it really a trip to Ikea if someone doesn’t end up in tears?



  1. Happy Veterens Day and thank you both.

  2. Now the real fun begins if you let LC help put the IKEA stuff together with that magical hex wrench! Or maybe just let her keep track of the nuts and bolts. I know she’ll want to be helpful!

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