Black Friday Specials

With a husband who works for a very large retailer, Black Fridays have been a hectic time since arriving in the Emerald City.  While the Friday after Thanksgiving is almost a found day for me, it is one of deadlines and stress for A.  This year, while I was still excited for the time off and the extra time with LC, I was also very aware that I would have one very active toddler to entertain as a very pregnant mom.

Our original plan was to drop A off at work, park the car and take the bus into downtown to watch the Seattle Macy’s Holiday Parade. While I know LC would have enjoyed the parade, the downpour we encountered on the way to A’s office required a change of plans.  I just didn’t think making both of us wet and cold would help the day start off successfully.  So we parked the car and headed to Starbucks.  It may seem like a ridiculous thing to do with a toddler, but LC had a great time.  We ate pumpkin bread, sat in big chairs and watched as purple buses rode by the big windows.  It is not every day LC and I get to just hang out and people watch, so it was a pretty special time.

After finishing up our time at the coffee shop, we decided to check out the REI flagship store to look for a new hat for LC.  REI has a pretty fantastic indoor “treehouse” so our plans of shopping were soon replaced with an hour of climbing and playing at the treehouse.  It was wonderful to watch LC climb and play – she did so independently of me, but always returned to see that I was still there.  While still a cautious child, she has become so much more outgoing in the recent months and it is so much fun to watch her now climb and run with other children (but still like to come back for momma hugs).  It took some decent toddler wrangling to convince her we had to leave, forget trying on new hats.  I grabbed a fuzzy purple one and hoped that LC would grow to love it.

All of this activity earned Momma a really great after lunch nap for both of us.  By the time LC woke up, A called and said he could come work from home.  Early release on Black Friday was pretty special.  LC thought so too since it meant she could “work” side by side with Daddy.

Chasing after a toddler on your own when you are 36 and a half weeks pregnant can be tough, but it is days like this Black Friday that I will always treasure as my time as momma to only LC dwindles.  She’s an incredibly special little girl, even when she is throwing temper tantrums in the middle of large outdoor supply stores.



  1. Sounds like a great day. Glad the family was able to enjoy all it had to offer

  2. Grandma Dede says:

    That picture should be put in a computer ad. It is so adorable. But then again when isn’t LC adorable?

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