Why LC Loves Halloween

We made the command decision to not take LC trick or treating this year.  We don’t get home from work until after 6 and we start bedtime routine slightly after 7, so there is little wiggle room in there.  Add to that these hours are really the fabled “witching” hour for LC and it just seemed liked a bad idea to drag her house to house, forcing her to interact with strangers, to bring home candy that we weren’t going to let her eat anyway.

A’s office does a trick or treat event each year, so we decided we’d just hit that up in the afternoon.  She could get dressed up and we could show her off and take photos, without interrupting the evening routine too much.  LC had a fantastic time, though she soon realized that the real appeal of Dada’s office is not the candy or the nice people who think your kitty cat costume is too cute.  It is the fact that Dada’s office allows dogs.  LC literally raced through the halls looking for “more dog-goo”.  She rejected candy and the advances of strangers, but was willing to pet any dog she came across.  Another thrill was that almost every dog was in costume, though I think the Boston Terrier dressed as a velociraptor may have confused LC a bit.

So perhaps we’re setting LC up for failure in that she thinks Halloween is a day to get dressed up and pet dogs, but if she enjoyed it, who are we to mess with it?  After all, a future as an AKC Junior Handler is much more desirable than one as cavity ridden obese child obsessed with candy, right?**

Here’s LC as a kitty cat, hanging with her BFF Cal.

LC’s Halloween with Cal 

** I’m not saying taking your kid trick or treating will turn them into a cavity ridden obese child.  I’m just saying if LC is going to come out of Halloween being really into something, it is desirable that it be petting dogs and not eating lots o’candy.



  1. I can’t believe that at less than 2 LC can give Cal a command and he responds. She is a good dog handler.

  2. I actually can’t believe you are letting LC live in a world where she thinks taking dogs to work is normal. That poor girl will be ruined when she gets older and realizes everyone can’t take their dogs to work. Good job terrible parents!

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