Spoonful of Sugar, right?

So if there is an element of fun to every job that must be done, I just need to find the fun in being past my due date and then, snap, the job’s a game.

It all began yesterday when I awoke to this happy message on my pregnancy app:



How positive!  Today IS the day!  My baby is due and she will arrive and we can stop waiting and making alternate arrangements and watching our well made plans slip away!  Hooray!!

And yet, today the same app was not quite as positive:



Sigh.  Thanks, yes I am past my due date.  And just like Cinderella’s carriage apparently after midnight of my due date, this baby turned from a watermelon back into a pumpkin.  (Here I am at 40 weeks yesterday – you judge for your self what round fruit it looks like I am carrying.)

40 weeks


So time to find that element of fun – help us guess when BE2 will arrive.  Whoever is closest without going over (date and time) wins  a lovely Seattle gift, guaranteed to be mailed to you before BE2 is three months old.  Leave your best guess in the comments, and please, be kind :)

(In full disclosure, I will be induced on Dec 27 if this little one has not arrived by then, so you’ll want to make an educated guess based on that piece of info.)



  1. I am going with the 23rd.

  2. I’m going with Donna Martin’s birthday 12/25. I’ll bet 12:25pm as well :-)

    • Washington Woman says:

      Ooo, sharing Donna Martin’s birthday may make being a week late and missing Christmas with LC almost worth it!

  3. Lauren you look fabulous!!! I’m going to guess a Saturday debut – so that’s the 22nd! HoPing she comes earlier for you 😉

    • Washington Woman says:

      Thanks Amy, sweet of you to say. As for your guess, you are the earliest date in the pool so far, so I’ll take it :)

  4. Grandma Dede says:

    I am going to assume that you have somehow involved your Grandma Doyle’s
    name with this baby so I am guessing she will come quite late. I think you will go into labor on Christmas Day just when starting to open presents. Lila has such an illustrious tale to her birth this baby will have to have one too.

  5. I’ll take Sunday 23rd @ 615AM
    But if you suddenly start to feel like making cookies (“cookie labor” as it called when you were born) send me a private email and I’ll adjust my guess and split the gift card with BE2!
    Hope it sooner than later for your sake.
    Love Dad

  6. You look beautiful.My guess is this Friday,12/21.2012.Not sure of time,maybe midafternoon.

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