Still Here

Lest you think my silence means we’ve had a baby, I am still very much pregnant.  I’m tired, I’m huge and I’m cranky.

But to focus on the positive things that this extra time has brought:

– I wrapped all the gifts.  No really, all the gifts.  There might even be things that I wrapped that weren’t gifts.  Once I started wrapping, I just kept going.  So there are gifts under the tree. Which brings us to. . .

– Christmas decorations.  We have a tree.  We decorated the tree.  We decorated the house.  I hung up a wreath and decorated the front gate.  Stockings are hung (except one that requires a certain little lady arrive before the it can be hung up).

– I can say I’ve worked through my due date (well, assuming I don’t deliver before Tuesday, which I’m really not thinking I will).

– Lots of extra time with LC.  We had no plans for this weekend, we assumed we be somehow involved with a newborn.  So we just had a lovely weekend of hanging out, taking care of things in the house and letting LC do as she wanted.  Mostly that involved reading Knuffle Bunny as many times as possible, but it was pretty fantastic to have time to have time that wasn’t scheduled or filled with to dos.

While there are plenty of positives, that doesn’t mean I’m not very, very ready to have this baby.  Everyday I mentally prepare a schedule of if I go into labor at this time, these things need to happen.  It is exhausting trying to game plan every hour of day.  It is tiring and nerve wracking.  I’m tired of people asking me when I’m due or continuing to share completely inappropriate comments with me.  I’m ready to be done.  This baby is cooked.  There is no room in there for her (trust me she’s made it very clear there is not enough room) and we’re ready for her arrive.

Sidenote – this Pats game is not making anything better.  It is in fact making it much, much worse.



  1. Grandma Dede says:

    Thought for sure your reactions to the horrible playing of the Pats last night would have set off labor. Maybe she wants to wait until the end of football season?

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