When All You Need is a “Little” Christmas

Our December is busy this year, busier than the normal holiday hustle and bustle.   As I try to wrap up at work and we continue to try to prepare the house for a second child, there are just more to dos this year then normal.  In speaking to my doula about all of this and the stress of trying to get it all done, she reminded me that at LC’s age she won’t miss things if I decide to skip it.  She suggested I pick 5 things that were important to me to do and let the rest slide this year.  Being so wise and calm is one of the main reasons we love our doula.

So I’m trying to take her advice and do what seems to me to be unskippable and leave the rest for the years to come.

– Christmas tree – well, yeah.  We have to have a Christmas tree.  I haven’t quite figured out when we will get and decorate the tree – hopefully Friday evening?  But you can’t have Christmas without a tree I feel.  There will need to be a place for presents and adorable photos of the girls in their Christmas outfits (which will likely be jammies because I don’t intend on any of us being out of jammies that day).  So this is at the top of my list of things that must get done, even though no progress has been made on that front.

– Gifts – I can’t see how my poor timing of being due with our second child a week before Christmas should mean that I don’ t follow through on giftgiving responsibilities this year.  So we started early and not surprisingly used our favorite mail order site for 85% of our shopping.  Boxes have been arriving daily, but I have no gifts left to purchase and only two packages left to ship.  For December 5, I’d say that is pretty good.  I hope to be able to wrap gifts, but I wrapping is not on my “must do” list this year.

Santa visits – LC still doesn’t really get who Santa is and that’s fine.  But it is important to me to try to get a photo of LC and Cal (yes, Cal) with Santa.  The Seattle Humane Society does a fundraiser every year for Santa pictures with pups and it comes out pretty great (see last year’s adorableness.)  So long as BE2 holds out we’ll take everyone for photos on Monday, so be prepared for all that cuteness.

Christmas Mass – as LC’s gotten older, going to weekly mass as become more difficult.  Toddlers don’t understand 1) sitting still, 2) being quiet, 3) respecting the quiet time of others.  So while I think we make a good effort to go as often as we can, we’ve cut ourselves some slack in recent months.  We plan to go to Christmas mass this year, not just because it’s LC’s immortal soul, but I’m excited to take our new family out to celebrate.  (Of course that raises the thought of being in mass with a toddler who won’t sit still and a newborn who has no clue whatsoever is going on.  Joy to the world indeed.)

Christmas music – this is a pretty easy one.  I don’t usually wrap myself in Christmas music – I feel like all of that generally sneaks in each year by osmosis – shopping, radio, tv, etc.  But this year I felt it was easy to forget that it was the holiday season with all the new baby excitement in our house so I’ve been trying to listen to more to embrace the season.  We don’t have that much holiday music at home or around LC – it’s NPR on the commutes to and from work/day care and then whatever DJ Dada puts for the evening dance party in the house.  I tried to sing 12 Days of Christmas to LC when putting her down for bed the other night but she insisted we return to the more traditional ABCs.  So I’ll enjoy the Christmas music on Pandora while working and hope that LC discovers the magic that is the Waitresses all for herself one day.



  1. Aunt Joan says:

    Your favorite mail order site is everyone I knows fav.Saved me with secret santa list from people that I hardly know.Doulas are also awesome.Maybe when I retire it may be a second career;most likely not.

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