If a Bear Turns Two. . .

and a mommyblogger doesn’t blog about it, does it really happen?

I can promise you it does.  Our little Lila Bear turned two last week, whether I was ready for it to happen or not. (I thought I was cool with it until I said good night to her for the “last time as a one year old” and sobbed.  And I may have cried as we sang Happy Birthday to her in the morning.)

I had fully intended to have a party for her and to allow our friends to meet Lucy, but in the end I threw in the towel.  I just couldn’t get the house (and myself) together enough to have people over.  So a quiet birthday celebration was had.  There were pancakes in the morning, cookies at day care with her friends and then cake (with purple sprinkles) in the evening.  In true new mom style, not only did I not throw a party, but I burnt the angel food cake I made for her.  Lucky for both of us, Lila just ate the Cool Whip off the top of the cake and didn’t seem to mind.

Maybe one day I’ll get myself together enough to throw Lila a party complete with buntings and themed snacks with printed labels and party favors and Elmo cupcakes – but for now, for now I’m lucky to have such a fantastic little girl who smiles so brightly.  IMG_00723



  1. Grandma Dede says:

    She is truly an angel. Don’t worry about not throwing a party, right now pretty much everyday is a “party” for Lila. She sings, she dances, and loves life. Two is a good party for Lila, even without Elmo plates and napkins.

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