As Easy As. . .

As the weather continues to improve, we’ve been trying to have Lila play outside more on the weekends.  Not that we ever kept her cooped up inside, but we try to make sure she gets at least 15 minutes of good outside time in each day.  (During the week she goes outside for an hour a day with her day care class – rain or shine.  Seattle kids are tough.)  We’ve realized that like beagles, toddlers do better with a chance to expend their energy.  Expecting either a beagle or a toddler to sit nicely at, or by, the dinner table when they have not had a chance to get some fresh air that day is just a lesson in frustration.

In an effort to get outside, we bought Lila a new bike.  It’s still a little big on her, but she loves it and is having a great time going fast on it.  I think she’s pretty cute in her helmet too.



We’re still working on how to pedal – we spend a lot of time saying, “push with this foot!  Now the other!  No, not yet, keep pushing with the first and then the second.”  This is probably not the best way to teach such a thing to a toddler, but she is enjoying herself anyway. I am sure the skill will develop with time (quicker than we expect, most likely) and then it will be just like riding a bike. 



  1. Our kids struggled with the pedaling thing, too. Until, that is, they started seeing bigger kids doing it. Worked for the transition away from training wheels, too. Peer pressure: not just for illicit shenanigans!

    • Washington Woman says:

      Agreed, I’m not sure toilet training would be going as well as it is if not for peer pressure at day care. Moms and Dads are clearly the weak link in these sorts of things.

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