Who Needs Cross Fit?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to rid myself of that baby weight.  So when I realized we needed a few items at the grocery store on Monday, I decided to walk to the store to get some extra exercise in.  The Safeway is about one mile from our house, so it is a decent round trip walk.  I loaded Lucy up in the snap and go since it has the largest under stroller basket that I could use for the groceries and headed out.

My shopping list was Coke, beer, and fried chicken.  (Classy, I know).  Coke was buy 2 get 2 fridge packs, so I loaded up.  As I rounded the corner to get the beer, I realized I had not really calculated how much the weight the groceries would add to Lucy’s stroller.  My walk home was a bit slower than my walk there.  Let’s do the numbers:


snapgo calcbeer calc

coke calc














car seat weightlucycar seat



So if you total that all up:

40.8 + 6.6 + 24 + 10.4 = 81.8 lbs

Almost 82 lbs that I pushed a mile home from the store.  It is not surprising that my triceps and chest are sore from this “work out”.  A few more trips to the store and I’ll be back to pre-baby size in no time!


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