Can We Trademark That?

As Lila progresses from being a toddler to being a pre-preschooler, her vocabulary has exploded.  She uses sentences and words we didn’t even realize she knew.  For instance, tonight she broke the head off of her Honey Bunny cracker and became upset when we couldn’t help her “reattach” it.  It took us about 5 minutes to figure out what she was saying because I expected “blue cat” to be more likely than “reattach.”   Her long sentences amaze us as well as she tells us stories about her day – like “My mommy bought me sunscreen so I can go outside.”  I don’t know why but I assumed potty training would come before complete sentences, so I am constantly amazed by the things she says everyday.

As all toddler/pre-preschoolers do, Lila also repeats things.  A lot.  Sometimes it is a story – like the time she tripped over Obi on the playground at school or that Daddy’s phone was broken so he had to buy a new phone (this is told every time she sees A’s phone), but other times it is just a phrase.  One such phrase as become her catch phrase.  Ask Lila almost anything and you are very likely to hear the response “That’s so silly.”  (This includes the time she tripped over Obi on the playground.)  She delivers it in a delightfully ridiculous voice and has an adorable scrunched up face to match.

While “that’s so silly” is not her most impressive sentence or word usage to date, it is probably the one we enjoy hearing the most.  It makes her seem like a toddler star on some new Disney Channel show, complete with laugh track and twin Lila’s playing the role of the adorable younger sister who delivers her signature line on cue as the other characters encounter ridiculous shenanigans each week.  That’s so silly.


PS – Don’t be silly and miss supporting LC’s Team in this weekend’s March for Babies!  Follow the link and help us reach our goal before we step off on Saturday.  This is our third walk with our very healthy (and silly) preemie – help us celebrate!



  1. Great story and just reinforces what her Grand parents always knew she is a gifted beautiful child.
    And “that’s so silly” is also her Mother’s favorite saying. Cue the laugh track for the ‘folksy old grandDad’
    GrandPa Mark

  2. Grandma Dede says:

    Lila is indeed ” so silly” and the reason we love spending every minute
    We can with her. I can’t wait for her version of the Christening after
    she sees her sister dunked in a pool of water.

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