Waving My Hippie Flag

It is not surprising that I’ve developed some hippie habits since moving to Seattle.  The other day I commented on Facebook that I felt very Seattle that day because I had won an argument as to whether you recycle or compost milk cartons.  (Recycle, they are waxed and can’t be composted.)  My office does not just have a recycling bin – we have a paper recycling, mixed item recycling, compost and landfill.  (Yes, even the trash cans are passive aggressive in Seattle.)  The girls wear cloth diapers.  I make my own baby food.  We eat at many farm to table restaurants.  And this year we are members of a CSA.

A had been resistant for the past few years about joining a CSA.  He was concerned with the cost and waste and whether we really needed one.  With two kids our weekend time is at a premium so we don’t always have time to go to the farmers’ market.  Add to that our concern that Lila (and soon Lucy) eat healthily and have at least one vegetable at each meal and signing up for a CSA just seemed like the way to go.

Last week was our first box pick up.  I was a little intimidated by the contents – it wasn’t just tomatoes and squash.  We had strawberries (Lila and Andrew’s current favorite, so big win there), sweet onions, “spicy” leafy mix, spinach, spring garlic, garlic scapes (which are really snakey), radishes, lettuce and Pink Lady apples.  The first night I threw together a salad of the lettuce, radishes and apples.  It was delightful and made us feel so summery and responsible to be eating such a healthy, local salad.  Faced with most of the remaining contents of the box, I decided to wing it and make a giant quiche for dinner.  I adapted a recipe from Cooking Light for a garden quiche and am pretty proud of the results.  It was a little larger than anticipated and may have exploded all over the oven, but now we know how to use the clean feature of our oven.  I never would have made such a yummy, nutritious  veggie filled meal if I had to go buy all the veggies individually but now I know we’ll all have vegetables with our meals everyday this week (plus the necessary strawberries for some of us).

There certainly are days when I wonder why I’ve adopted these hippie ways – when I can’t take toting cloth diapers around any more or I just want to buy a can of peas for Lucy instead of steaming and pureeing them.  Thankfully this CSA seems to be a fun and easy way to fly my hippie flag this summer and I’m looking forward to discovering more veggies we’ve never tried before (that are hopefully less snake like than garlic scapes).



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