Not the Baby Book Type

I’m not the baby book type.  I don’t scrapbook. I’m not very good at keeping track of the little milestones, unless I capture it in a tweet or instagram (which I guess is a kind of baby booking, hopefully.)  It is not that I don’t care, I just can’t prioritize these things at this point in my life. I worry because I don’t write monthly notes on the blog to the kids, or keep track of their favorite items du jour in some Pinterest created template that I will forget.  They are great kids with funny little quirks and I never want to forget any of them.  Just watching Lucy grow through phases that Lila has already passed, I realize how easy it is to forget those moments I thought I’d always recall.

So instead of beating myself up over the times that I haven’t recorded the darndest thing the kids have said or done, here’s some of the super fun things my girls currently do.

Lila is a little person with lots of personality and lots, lots, lots to say. She asks for “regully” milk (which is regular milk) and tells us she has “pee in my bladder” when she has to use the bathroom. She tells stories with beginnings, middle and ends. She loves her calendar and counting the days until the next special event – be it gymnastics or the “mountain choo choo”. She hugs and kisses and is becoming braver and braver everyday. And she loves her sister more than anything – waking Lucy up in the morning is Lila’s favorite thing to do and when Lucy is sad, Lila will tell her “don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”


Lucy may not speak words yet, but she is full of personality. It is clear that she’s realized that it will take a lot to keep up with Lila and she is more than ready for the challenge.  When she is happy, she has a giant open mouth smile that lights up her whole face. She is freer with her emotions than her sister – both being happier and ready to express it and becoming very sad when her mom or dad leave. When she is really excited, like when she is about to eat, she pants with her wide mouthed smile. She love solid food and puts everything in her mouth – be it avocado or a paper napkin. She doesn’t cuddle as much as her sister, but I think that she is simply too worried about missing something.  When she is done nursing, she is quick to wiggle and squirm to see turn around and see what she may have missed.  I think she will be much more adventurous than her sister – she shows no fear (and even pulls B-Cat’s tail, which you do at your own risk).


I’ve often feared my girls growing older but each year, month, day has shown me how much more awesome they can be and that sometimes I just need to stop and remember all the awesome things they do.



  1. Grandma Dede says:

    A beautiful tribute to two beautiful little girls.

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