You Don’t Say

Lila is really into birthdays. She likes to mark them on her calendar, count down the days, plan celebrations that involve Elmo balloons (for B-Cat’s birthday) and cake (for A’s birthday) and special video greetings (for her great grandfather). One of the books in her current bedtime rotation is the Birthday Queen.  As we read the book, I asked if she would make me a cake for my birthday next month, just as she had made one for her daddy’s birthday. She agreed. I asked her what type of cake she would make and she stated it would be vanilla. I requested chocolate, because I really don’t like vanilla. She insisted vanilla cake was where it was at. When I pointed out that it was MY birthday and that I would really like chocolate cake for my birthday, she suggested “You can eat ice cream if you don’t like the vanilla cake.”

My child, birthday celebrator extraordinaireand problem solver. (Though her preference of vanilla over chocolate is clearly a character flaw.)

Lila's birthday masterpiece


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