Excess of Thanks

These days everything just feels too much – too much work, too much laundry, too much pet hair, too much toddler tantrums, too much sickness, too much sleeplessness, too much stress, too much to do and on and on. A and I have been filled with anxiety with all the things we need to do, the things we want to do and a desire to sleep every once in a while. It is very easy (and we have) to feel overwhelmed and fall into a bit of a pity party. But this morning as I sat down to make my to do list for the day – all trying to accomplish by 2pm when I need to prepare to go to the girls’ day care for the annual Family Feast- I was reminded how lucky we are. Once again, our burdens are truly our blessings.

We are both stressed at work, stressed with all we need to do and not enough time to do it – We are blessed with not only jobs, but good paying jobs that offer a fair work/life balance.

We are constantly battling colds and fevers this season – We are blessed with excellent health care and the ability to work from home when we (or the babies) are under the weather.

We have so much to do before Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow – We are blessed to only need to worry about where we will place all the food in our overstuffed refrigerator, and not worry where our family’s next meal will come from.

Our house is filled with toys, pet hair, dust bunnies and general disorder – We are blessed with a house that is heated, filled with more than we need, pets that we love and that we can pay for someone to help us walk the dog and clean the house.

I am battling to figure out what to buy for everyone for the holidays and birthdays – We are blessed that our only stress is WHAT to buy and not having to figure out how we will pay for our children’s holiday gifts.

We are sad to be so far from friends and family this holiday – We are blessed with all the modern conveniences of cell phones, google hang outs, digital photos, blogs, twitter, facebook (really endless) that those in the Other Washington and beyond can be a big part of our lives. (And we aren’t dealing with holiday travel which is a GIANT blessing.)

I am sad that this year has gone so quickly and Lucy is already 11 mos old – we are blessed that she is a healthy, happy, beautiful almost one year. Sadly I’ve seen so many examples over the past year that has reminded me that healthy babies are not guaranteed and our family has truly been blessed with our babies continued development and health.

The list of both stresses and blessings could go on and on, with our blessings clearly outweighing our burdens. Our Thanksgiving will be a quiet one with just the four of us (and two fur babies) but it will give us the chance to take a breath, share extra hugs and be thankful for all those burdens with which we have been blessed.



  1. Grandma Dede says:

    Your words make me realize that with all we have faced this year, we too have more blessings than than woes. One of our greatest blessings being you, A and your beautiful girls and all you do to stay connected with the family.

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