Horrifying Holidays

This holiday season is different than those in the past because Lila is really beginning to understand the holidays. We went to the Seattle Macy’s holiday parade, she likes the decorations in the neighborhood and she loves to play with her Fisher Price nativity set (baby Jesus is a pretty big deal in our house). We’ve hung our stockings by the chimney with care and Lila likes to admire them each evening. As part of her bedtime routine, we’ve begun to read Christmas books as well.

Tonight I read her Twas the Night Before Christmas, which I purchased before her first Christmas. It was the first time she showed interest in the book and I was excited to share the tale with her. I read the book and tried to explain some of the details of the book – we discussed Santa and stockings, pointed out the reindeer and the sleepy kitty under the tree. When Santa flew from the rooftop, Lila wanted to know where he was going. I explained that he was going to visit homes of other children and bring them presents. I asked if she wanted Santa to visit her house on Christmas and bring presents. No, she replied, I would be scared. I promised that Santa was nice and Mom and Dad would be here. This was not comforting. I suggested that Santa could leave the presents on the front porch, like the milk man, then Mom and Dad would bring them inside for her and Lucy. This was still not enough. I told her if she didn’t want Santa to come to her house, she could just say no thank you. To this she replied, “no thank you, Santa.”

And so, by beginning to share in the wonders of the holiday season with my eldest child, I have horrified her that a strange man will break into our home in the middle of the night. Ho ho ho.



  1. Look at the bright side, less presents to purchase!

  2. I’m sorry that I chuckled after reading this post :-) Oh no! Well, maybe if she could look forward to leaving Santa cookies/milk maybe that will change her mind?

    BTW, made my way over from the #SITSShareFest … check me out when you have a moment: http://chatteroutloud.com


  3. LOL smart kid – that’s essentially what it sounds like but he’s delivering versus taking away. However, in the grand scheme of things, you and your husband really provide the gifts so either way she’s all set! Super cute story, have a great one! -Iva

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