There is no place like home, but where is that?

Tonight as I walked from my office to the car, the beautiful heat from this short preview of Seattle summer reminded me of living in Old Town Alexandria. Specifically, walking on King Street at the end of a hot day, on our way to meet friends for an evening of dinner, drinks and all the things childless couples do. It made me think about how much I missed it. That I missed “home.” The idea that the Other Washington is “home” is a funny thought at this point. Four years ago last month we decided to move to Seattle. Four years ago Memorial Day weekend we packed up our condo and pointed the car west. On July 27 Lucy will turn 18 months and it will mark four years since we closed on this house. Four years in one place is the longest either A or I have lived in our adult lives. And yet? That whiff of heat and the thoughts of strolling King Street made me homesick. So when will Seattle feel like “home”? In many ways it does – after all this is the only home our daughters know. It is the place they were born, the house we brought them home to, where their friends live and where they have learned to play on the swings in rain or shine. When we moved out here we thought we’d give it two years. Two have turned in four. One more to five and then are we really Seattle-ites? Will I one day return to Old Town and stand in a sunbreak and think “I miss home”?



  1. I missed you;welcome home.

  2. grandpa mark says:

    Great to have back at the keyboard!

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