Binge-surfing through Netflix

I read an article today that discussed the term “binge watching” being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Back in the day, I could binge watch with the best of them. I may have watched the first season of 24 in approximately 24 straight hours. I watched the first season of Mad Men on such a binge, that I had to take a break because my stomach hurt from watching them smoke and drink so much. But these days, we don’t have as much time to sit and watch 6 hours of our latest addiction on a Saturday.

Perhaps our recent dedication to Veronica Mars should be considered relative to the amount of time we do have to binge watch programs. Back in the pre-kids day, we would have blown through three seasons and a movie in about 4 days. At this point in our lives, having to balance work, kids, pets and you know, the occasional need for sleep, it took us a little less than 4 months to complete it. I will say, part of that was the desire to stretch out what we knew to be a limited quantity of something we really enjoyed. (I went through some pretty serious withdrawal when the movie ended. I may be reading the books. What can I say, I’m a marshmallow. LoVe 4-eva.)

Having ended our quasi-binge of Veronica Mars and still a few weeks away from the Mon/Thurs/Sat/Sun football season, we’re looking for something to hold our attention. Lately our binge watching has turned into more of a binge search through Netflix for 30 minutes and then settling for something neither of us are really interested in watching. (We are watching an “expose” on NFL cheerleading as I write this. Please. Find us the next Veronica Mars. I’m watching a story on the Buffalo Jills.) So what have you watched and enjoyed? What was the last show that made you lose track of time as you just kept hitting the next button on Amazon Instant Prime? Help us fill up our queue! (No really, help. Now we’re watching something on women’s bodybuilding.)


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