Some of My Favorite Things:

One of the great things about the community of bloggers on the internet is that someone is always trying something new and sharing about their experiences. For me, this is a great way to discover new ways to make my life easier in some way, plus someone else has tried it first so I know it works! Since I’ve had good luck learning about new things from fellow bloggers, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things as well.

How makes my life easier

Today I’m talking about . I read about it first over on Coconut Robot, but didn’t join right away. A few weeks after reading Kacia’s post, I decided to check it out and I am so glad I did! helps manage your inboxes, particularly all those sale emails that clog your inbox daily. (Loft and Children’s Place, I’m looking at you.) You enter you email address, allow to access your inbox and it scans for promotional emails. Take 60 seconds to go through all the mail it found and sort through it. Not only can you add it to your daily “roll up”, the best part for me is that you can unsubscribe from all these mailing lists with a single click.

I’ve been really enjoying using for the last few weeks.

The highpoints:

  • I’ve definitely unsubscribed from some places I have no desire to receive email form (for example, VA wineries that we used to visit when we lived back east, or Georgetown ticket office because I once bought tickets for a UConn v. Gtown game).
  • All of the daily sale emails, plentiful over a holiday weekend and in the back to school season, are in one email. If I don’t have time to look at them, or I don’t want to be tempted to hop over to the Tory Burch website, I can just ignore the email entirely. Or I can scan the “roll up” and only read the emails I want to read.
  • Less stress. Even if the majority of the emails are promotional, seeing a 3 digit number in my inbox stresses me out. I feel the need to at least look at the emails to ensure I’m not missing anything. (It’s a compulsion, what can I say.) I’m not one of those who can just ignore the little red number on her phone. It needs to be clear. This has helped to keep that inbox number manageable.

The lowlights:

  •  It is a little wonky with gmail. The majority of my promotional emails go to my old yahoo address and it works well there, but with gmail I definitely see more mail slip through or see emails both in my inbox and in my roll up. Not a huge deal and it is getting better over time, but if gmail is where you receive most of your promotional mail, you might not find it as useful as I do.
  • It does take some massaging. The first week, it took some time for it to catch up with all the promotional mail. It doesn’t prevent new messages from coming to your box, so you’ll see still some messages. For example, if you sign up on a Monday and there is no Kate Spade messages in your inbox, you may receive a Kate Spade email on Tuesday. Then when you receive your roll up the next day, you’ll get a notice that they’ve discovered new messages in your inbox and would you like to review them. From there you can choose whether your Kate Spade email is added to your roll up, remains in your inbox or if you’d like to unsubscribe. (Why would you unsubscribe?)

So there you have it. One of my favorite things. I hope that can help to make your life a little bit easier, as it has mine.



  1. Thank you,it worked and I am now free!

  2. Grandma Dede says: is so good. Thanks for the tip. First day I cleared out so much email trash. If only they had an for your house.

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