Trying to Find More Hours in the Day

On Facebook last week, a fellow working mom posted the Business Week article Work-Life Balance: Late Nights at Home Now Common. I almost laughed out loud as I read the first paragraph because it fit me (and my husband) to a tee:

This productivity is great! But I feel so, so tired. Like I should be under the covers instead of checking off my endless to-do list. That’s because it’s bedtime, 11 p.m., and I’m home in my striped pajamas.

Flexible work schedules are great and with the continued technological advances, easier to come by. Just in the past week, a flexible work schedule and modern technology allowed me to respond to an urgent email while at the doctor’s office with my daughter, work from home on the virtual portal while waiting on a repairman, and dictate emails through my phone while sitting in traffic on the way to daycare. But with the ability to have this kind of flexibility, should it be expected that employees are constantly online?

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