Learning to Love to Read

Learning to Love to Read: Our Favorite Children's BooksSince Lila was born, we have read to her. Every night we read to her before bed. (We randomly set the limit at 3 stories. Lila is already petitioning that this increase to 4 stories when she turns 4.) It’s been great to share some of our childhood favorites with her, as well as discover new books through her eyes. It is not so great to discover those books that make you want to poke your eyes out instead of reading it one more time but that your child inexplicably loves.

We soon discovered that we could not keep buying new books for the girls. Not only was it not financially sound, we were running out of room. I thought Lila would get a kick out of having her own library card, so last summer we became regular customers of our local library. It has been fantastic. The variety and constant stream of books coming into our home is exciting for the girls. I love that I can request books online and have them be held for me. I review the monthly newsletters from our local children’s book store and Amazon.com to find new books or authors for us to try.Learning to Love to Read: Our Favorite Children's Books

Even though we’ve probably read borrowed over 200 books, there are definitely some favorites that Lila likes to read over and over again, requesting them from the library multiple times. Since I’m always on the look out for new children’s book recommendations, I thought I’d share them here in case others are looking for ideas.

Belinda in Paris – This is one in the series of Belinda books by Amy Young. Belinda is a ballet dancer with very large feet and very large talent. A budding ballerina herself, Lila loves to read about Belinda’s adventures. Her favorite has been Belinda in Paris, perhaps for its worldly feel or just very silly story.

Madeline – In an old house in Paris. . . Lila is a bit of a Francophile, as you may be able to tell by the first two books on the list. Madeline caught her attention with its familiar rhymes and the little girl’s infectious spirit. The older books can be a little wacky – ever read Madeline and the Gypsies where she and the Ambassador’s son are kidnapped by a gypsy circus and to prevent the children from being discovered, the old gypsy lady sews them into a dead lion’s pelt? But Lila has returned to the series many times, now owning many of her favorite titles.

How Rocket Learned to Read – this book is an adorable tale of a little dog who meets a bird who teaches him to read. It is a a good “first reader” book without being an annoying “This is cat. See cat. See cat sit.” It has lots of easy words and incorporates learning to spell and recognize easy words into the plot. That and Rocket is gosh darn adorable.

The Seven Silly Eaters – We own this book, having received it when Lila was born. It is a very silly tale of a large family of picky eaters. Lila likes the rhymes, all the kids, the ever increasing number of cats in the house and now enjoys that one of the siblings is named Lucy. It is one book that I don’t mind when Lila picks it up several nights in a row.

Tallulah’s Solo – Another great series about a little girl who loves ballet. Unlike Belinda who is a “real” ballerina, Tallulah is a little girl with big ballet dreams. Her family is very Seattle hipster – Tallulah and her little brother Beckett, dad wears a beret, mom is fashionably shabby – and Tallulah always learns an important lesson. I think Tallulah’s enthusiasm and resulting adventures are great for our little ballerina, without being preachy.

These are just a few of the amazing children’s books we’ve discovered since Lila’s love of reading developed. We’re lucky that Lila loves to read and that she is free to make the choice as to what books to read. Banned Books Week celebrates all books and the freedom to read them. Did you know Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has been banned? And Charlotte’s Web? I look forward to sharing both these books, and more, with the girls as they continue to grow and discover more favorites.

What are some of your little ones’ (or your) favorite children’s books? Any ballet books we may have missed? I feel like we’ve exhausted that topic at our library!

Learning to Love to Read: Some of Our Favorite Children's Books

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