Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup

Despite the temperatures not feeling very fall like today, we celebrated the fall’s rumored arrival with a visit to the Washington State Fair. Or you know, Do the Puyallup.

This was our third year visiting the fair, each visit bringing something new. Our first year I was pregnant with Lucy and Lila was young, interested in the farm animals and not much more. Last year we had tiny Lucy and we went with friends, bringing two energetic two year olds to the fair. The idea of rides were introduced, as was the idea of fair food. This year, our group once again grew by one – our friends have a new baby, so we attended the fair with two three and a half year old, a one and a half year old and a seven month old.

With the two older girls able to have their own opinions this year, planning took on a new challenge. We couldn’t just announce where we were going next. The kids had things they wanted to see, things they wanted to do and most certainly things they wanted to eat.¬†Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup

We started with the animals – baby cows, baby pigs and yes, the cat show. We even saw a hairless cat who Lila said “felt like a person.” The baby pigs are always a treat, so many of them, so little and so, so aggressive to nurse from their mom. I always feel a connection to poor pig mom, even if she has about eleven more babies who want to nurse than I do.

The girls were pretty into rides this year, though they were limited by height restrictions. They did manage to ride the merry-go-round, a train and a variety of other small vehicles that go around in a circle. Not realizing there was an age restriction, we did sneak Lucy onto one of the rides. She was. . . confused.

Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup


The older girls were a little more into it.

Seattle Fall: Do the Puyallup


Lastly, fair food was had by all. Our friends are native Puyallup-ians, so they have certain food they search out. We’ve been happy to tag along for fun. Scones and bbq are delicious, I recommend. We split before dessert – they had fried dough (or elephant ears as they call it there), the girls had ice cream and I smuggled a caramel apple home. (I had hoped to eat it in the car on the way home, but Lila never went down for a nap, so I enjoyed it before writing this.)

We’re not native Washingtonians, but we’ve come to enjoy the Puyallup Fair as one of our early Seattle fall traditions.

Have you done the Puyallup? Any food we need to check out next time?





  1. Sounds fun! We’re not native Washingtonians either, but we may have to make the trip this year! Although I’m a little scared I’ll go into labor after all the walking (I’m 37 weeks)… wouldn’t that be a great birth story.

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