Seattle Fall: Dressing the Part

As I write this, the weather for today is predicted to be about 90 degrees, so fall fashion is not really called for yet out here. But let’s assume that one day, this glorious summer weather will disappear and we’ll have to dress for Seattle fall. Before I start talking about my “style,” let’s get a few things out of the way:

1. I’m not a fashion blogger. I won’t be posting selfies of me with a fashion hip pop. This post is just about what works for me.

2. Seattle fall is different from fall in other places. Not nearly as wet as some may think, but probably not like other places. Seattle is also more casual than say, the east coast. No suits here. But not just hoodies either.

All that said, let’s talk clothes. I work in an office job and I like to dress professionally. While I could probably get away with wearing jeans more often, I try to limit myself to no more than once a week. I’m an almost 35 year old attorney, I should try to look like it every once in a while. I love my Loft pants, often paired with some of my favorite Stitch Fix tops. It’s easy, professional, good for chilly weather and I can mix and match. The biggest issue is that my Loft pants claim to be dry clean only. Ain’t no one got time for that. Even without dry cleaning though, I put them aside to go through the delicate wash. Which means they sit there for about three weeks until I realize it has been weeks since I wore pants and I really need to wash them. Then I wear them all in one week and have the same issue. Clearly I either need to pace myself on pants wearing or figure out how to clean them more often. (You know, like by doing laundry.)

Dresses can be the easiest thing to through on in the morning. My favorites (because of my above mentioned dry cleaning/delicate wash issues) are easy wash and go styles from Old Navy. Most, if not all, of the dresses still allow me to nurse Lucy. In the fall I’ll throw a cardigan on over my dress and pair it with my tall boots. Throw on a scarf or statement necklace to change the look a bit. I like Old Navy not just because they are wash and wear, but because the dresses aren’t that pricey. While I get a ton of wear out of these dresses, if I grow bored of them after a season, I can pass them along without feeling guilty.

Ok, the jeans. I do wear them. Mostly on Fridays when I have no meetings outside of my office. In the fall, I like to pair it with a stylish Patriots sweatshirt or Redskins jersey. Maybe a Cal tee shirt with a long sleeve tee underneath. When you live in enemy territory, you have to represent.

I’m far from fashionable, but I think I manage to look put together most days (with the occasional toddler snot smear on me). Over three years into this working mom thing and I’ve learned that I need to find an easy way to look put together and that I probably need to do laundry more often. What are your “fashion” tips for the busy, modern working woman?



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