The Dreaded Phone Call: Dealing with Sick Days

Dealing with Sick Days

Sad sick Lucy Goose

I keep my cell phone on my desk at work. Its ring interrupts my thoughts and with the exception of my husband’s personal ringtone, I often find the ringing jolting. Glancing at the phone, recognizing the number as one from my daycare center is always concerning. The calls usually go like this:

“Hi Lauren, this is Miss So and So from your daughter’s day care. Your daughter is fine, but she has a high temperature and needs to be picked up.”

While I’m thankful that it is not a true emergency, the call still causes me to jump into action.


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  1. Thankful to only have had four of these in eight years. It is hard leaving a classical!

    • Washington Woman says:

      Yes, I’m super lucky to have a job that I can adjust on the fly when the kids are sick, especially with Lila’s ear infections and Lucy’s tendency to have a high fevers. Now just to toughen up those immune systems and I’ll be all set. I’m hoping they’ll have everything by the time they reach kindergarten and win the perfect attendance awards.

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